Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Green-Russian? The Irish-Russian? Or Russo-Irish Cream? Necessity Remains the Mother of Invention ...

After the succesful drink mixing resulting in the Bloody Lawnmower and the Chocmonaut (a White Russian with Chocolate syrup, a play on the term 'Cosmonaut') I tried to get creative and work my magic again. Utilizing the main ingredients of the White Russian, I thought the addition of Irish Cream could only make things better. Sure it tasted okay, but I was really only put in the position of creating a new drink because I was out of milk, it was too late to go the stores (except 7-11, but c'mon) and I wasn't about to stop drinking, so anything would really taste okay. Anything except my one accidental (I was already drunk) creation, the Whiskey Dew.

At Busta Kappa, while in the nightly-drinking- to-hide-my-pain phase, I tried pouring myself a Jack and Coke (Pepsi). I started with the Jack, and while trying to pour the Coke (Pepsi), I inadvertently cracked open a Mt. Dew failing to notice the mix-up until it was already partially poured. I manned up and drank it down quickly (only further intoxicating myself) and tried again to fix the Jack and Coke (Pepsi) only to re-enact the original events and again choke down the newly created, Whiskey Dew.

Wait a second, I didn't actually create the Bloody Lawnmower. That was entirely Jeff's creation. Well, Jeff, Keegan, and Josh, the inhabitants of "The Barn". I only popularized it for the Busta Kappa bretheren and party-goers who reveled in my enthusiasm for utilizing Everclear, the drink of the poor drunk that just wants to get drunk. I honestly haven't been able to touch the stuff in months though a nearly full bottle lives in my freezer.


Blogger Frank said...

A white russian made with Bailey's Irish Cream instead of milk is a B-52.

Add creme de menthe, and cut back on the Kaluha however, and you've got a "Green Russian"

7:25 PM  

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